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DMFCC Fuel Cartridges

Disposable Cartridge Design & Safety Certification

Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corporation's expertise lies in fuel cell cartridge design and safety certification. Since 2002, DMFCC worked with the fuel cell industry, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), CSA International and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to develop international standards for the safety and performance of fuel cells and disposable fuel cartridges. With these safety standards in place, The International Civil Aviation Organization and the US Department of Transportation have allowed methanol fuel cells and their cartridges to be carried in the passenger cabin of airplanes.

DMFCC cartridges are designed to the highest standards, and to comply with international safety requirements.

Custom Designs for Your Application

Recognizing that each application may require a cartridge with a different size, shape, or feature, DMFCC will work in partnership with customers to rapidly develop and patent custom disposable cartridges for their specific applications.

Cartridge Manufacturing and Filling

DMFCC has cartridge manufacturing partners worldwide that are trusted suppliers to global companies. These partners have the capability to design, prototype and mass produce cartridges for our customers. DMFCC can also provide safety certification and manufacturing of cartridges designed by customers. If a customer has a preferred cartridge manufacturer, DMFCC will work with that manufacturer.

DMFCC's cartridge filling partner has the capability to fill cartridges with methanol on a mass production basis.

Global Distribution

DMFCC is working to develop a worldwide fuel cartridge infrastructure to support global sales of customers' portable electronic devices. Please contact the company for further information.