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VIASPACE Worldwide Partners

Cartridge Manufacturing Partners

Sato Corporation of Tsu-city in Mie Prefecture, Japan was founded in 1954. The company's main business is manufacturing toner cartridges for leading manufacturers of laser printers. The company's key technologies are plastic injection molding and ultrasonic welding. Sato Corporation has 125 injection molding machines and 60 ultrasonic welders.

Nypro, Inc, headquartered in Clinton Massachesetts, is the leading global, custom plastic manufacturer. Sales for the most recent fiscal year (end 6/30/2006) exceeded one billion dollars. Nypro is one of the largest U.S. employee-owned companies. For more information please visit the web site at http://www.nypro.com/

Tyco Electronics fills an incredibly wide range of the many diversified needs of businesses and governments, educational and medical institutions, and commercial industries ranging from food to aerospace. Tyco Electronics is a US$12.8 billion global provider of engineered electronic components for thousands of consumer and industrial products; network solutions and systems for telecommunications and energy markets; and wireless systems for critical communications, radar and defense applications.

SMC Co., Ltd., located at 398-1 Gochun-Dong, Euiwang-City, Kyonggi-Do, Republic of Korea , supplies lithium ion battery packs to OEMs of laptop computers, cell phones, PDAs, portable DVD players and other consumer electronics. SMC also produces Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED). SMC has manufacturing facilities in Korea and China. For more information please visit the web site at http://www.smcg.co.kr/

Elentec Co., Ltd. is a diversified company with electronic and portable power products. It produces lithium ion battery packs to power cell phones, PDAs, camcorders and laptop computers. Elentec is experienced in producing injection molded plastic parts, similar to fuel cartridges, and has 21 injection molding machines in its Suwon factory. Elentec is a leading Korean supplier of lithium ion battery packs for portable electronic devices to OEMs worldwide. For more information please visit the web site at http://www.elentec.co.kr/

Cartridge Filling and Distribution Partner

Hayman Limited

Haymans speciality products division (Link) outside of London, England, specializes in blending and packaging a range of solvents, including methanol and methanol/water mixtures, to standard or specific customer requirements. In business for more than 30 years, Hayman has established a reputation for quality and service, which is backed by a fully equipped laboratory and qualified technicians. Hayman can fill liquid products into standard or custom-designed containers of all sizes, from bulk to very small, including customer-specific containers.

Teaming Partner

Tokai Bussan, a publicly listed company on the Nagoya Stock exchange, engages in development and sales of computer and microcomputer applied systems, design, development and sales of software systems, and development, sales, import and export of electronic devices and high-performance materials.