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The company's Chief Executive Dr. Carl Kukkonen recently returned from business meetings with eight biomass energy companies in India. He noted that due to increasing demand, agricultural waste is becoming scarce, and prices are rising dramatically. In addition, agricultural waste is seasonal, and its quality as a fuel source varies depending on what crop is available. As a result, power plant owners are aggressively seeking alternative, reliable and lower-cost sources of renewable biomass for fuel.

According to Kukkonen, one of the Indian companies has already visited the company's grass operation in China, and confidentiality agreements have been signed with several companies in order to proceed with further steps in business discussions.

India plans to provide electricity to its 40% of poor citizens, and then raise the country's electricity use to near Western country levels, which would require a 40-fold increase in electricity output. And to promote the use of renewable and low-carbon energy, India provides guaranteed subsidies for electricity generated from biomass and other eco-friendly sources.

Link: http://www.renewbl.com/2010/04/11/viaspace-wants-to-bring-its-giant-king-grass-biomass-product-to-india.html