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CEO of VIASPACE (OTCBB: VSPC) Conducts Exclusive Webcast Interview with the Green Baron Report


Irvine, California, USA-February 22, 2011-VIASPACE Inc. (OTC  Bulletin Board: VSPC), and its subsidiary VIASPACE Green Energy Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: VGREF) announced that its CEO Dr. Carl Kukkonen has conducted an exclusive new audio-taped webcast interview so that VIASPACE shareholders and the investment community can learn more about the Company's recently developments and growth plans.  Unrestricted access to the webcast is now available on the "Webcasts" page at http://www.thegreenbaron.com/. 

The new webcast interview can also be accessed through the following link:

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During the interview, Kukkonen spoke on a variety of topics including:


  • How Giant KingTM Grass can effectively replace coal as the heat source used by power plants to produce electricity.  Giant King Grass is carbon-emissions neutral and will help power plants worldwide meet their objectives of lower carbon emissions.
  • Giant King Grass can produce ten times more mass per acre than corn straw or wheat straw or other agricultural waste feedstocks.  Higher yield is a main differentiator when compared to other biomass alternatives along with the fact that Giant King Grass can grow on marginal land and does not need to use land currently used for food production.
  • Recently independent testing of Giant King Grass showed good results as a feedstock for producing second-generation cellulosic biofuels such ethanol and butanol, and biomass-based chemicals.  In summary, the test data shows that VIASPACE's proprietary Giant King Grass has essentially the same properties as corn stover and wheat straw, which are current leading candidate feedstocks for making not only cellulosic biofuels but also a wide range of biochemicals.
  • Recent announcement that the Company has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PT Provident Agro of Jakarta Indonesia with the goal to use Giant King Grass as feedstock for a large scale pellet mill to manufacture a minimum of 300,000 metric tonnes per year of pellets for the export market, primarily in Europe.  Provident Agro owns extensive oil palm plantations and land in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi, Indonesia with a total land bank of 150,000 hectares (370,000 acres) producing more than 23,500 tons of crude palm oil each year.
  • Our Inter-Pacific Arts business unit has received new customer orders for framed art for delivery in the first half of 2011.  The Company expects revenues for the first half of 2011 to double 2010 levels.  Revenues were $1,377,000 for the first six months of 2010.  Inter-Pacific Arts is profitable and we use those profits to invest in the development of our Giant King Grass business.
  • We continue to promote our first renewable energy/biomass product for sale: Green LogTM fireplace and campfire logs which are manufactured from Giant King Grass for sale to potential customers including large and medium size hardware stores, big box stores, grocery stores, and drugstore chains and other retailers.  Green Logs are the first manufactured fire logs to be produced solely from a dedicated renewable energy crop.  Kukkonen estimates that this product can capture a material share of the $400 million annual U.S. market, as its vertically integrated operations-from growing to processing to on-site manufacturing-enable the Company to sell Green Logs at very competitive prices compared to conventional logs, which use wood and petroleum products.

The Green Baron Report also recently issued an updated "Stock Pick" profile on VIASPACE, Inc. dated Monday, February 7, 2011 to its members and is available on their website.  The report focused on how its Giant KingTM Grass is becoming a respected biomass alternative for replacing fossil fuel.  The report notes that, "The Company has spent the past two years educating world leaders and company executives about the benefits of this environmental answer to energy production.  Although it seems like it's been a long road, we believe success is now within reach."

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VIASPACE is a clean energy company providing products and technology for renewable and alternative energy that reduce or eliminate dependence on fossil and high-pollutant energy sources. Through its majority-owned subsidiary VIASPACE Green Energy Inc., the Company grows Giant King Grass as a low-carbon fuel for electricity generating power plants, as a feedstock for bio methane production and cellulosic biofuels, and for other low-carbon, renewable energy products.  For more information, please go to http://www.viaspace.com/ or http://www.viaspacegreenenergy.com/, or contact Dr. Jan Vandersande, Director of Communications, at 800-517-8050 or [email protected]  


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