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Happy Holidays to VIASPACE friends and colleagues,

I hope that 2012 has been a happy and prosperous year for you. I'd like to provide a brief update on VIASPACE activities in 2012. It has been a good year for us and 2013 looks even better. Giant KingTM Grass is now widely recognized as a leading energy crop and we have signed several contracts to supply Giant King Grass for bioenergy projects.  The global economy is still weak, but biomass energy projects are picking up steam. As a US public company (stock symbol VSPC) we have become recognized as a clean tech leader. Highlights are below.

  • Deloitte Lists VIASPACE in Top 10 Fastest-Growing Clean Technology Companies

o       From the top 10 list below, you can see we are in good company

  • US Department of Agriculture Officially Approves Giant KingTM Grass  in the United States

o       After extensive testing, USDA found Giant King Grass to be pathogen free and safe, and released it for use in the US

o       This is an important step in our American strategy

  • USDA Approved Giant King Grass Growing in California

o       VIASPACE revealed that it has a Giant King Grass demonstration and propagation nursery in California that allows customers to see the grass in the US and provides seedlings for US and foreign customers         

  • VIASPACE Signs 1,500 Acre Giant King Grass Supply Contract with Tibbar Energy 
  • Renewable Giant King Grass is Growing in St. Croix

o       Tibbar Energy is planning to build a 6 MW biomass power plant on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands using Giant King Grass as a dedicated feedstock             

  • VIASPACE Signs Giant King Grass Agreement in Myanmar       
  • VIASPACE CEO Presents at Asian Development Bank Renewable Energy Conference and Meets Customers in Myanmar

o       Myanmar is peacefully transitioning from military rule to a democracy. President Obama visited Myanmar in November.

o       Myanmar needs electricity and has perfect weather for growing Giant King Grass.

o       The Asian Development Bank is expected to support biomass energy in Myanmar                 

In 2013, we will be pursuing additional projects, and we plan on serving as codeveloper of power plant projects in addition to being the dedicated energy crop supplier. We are also in discussions with customers who are interested in Giant King Grass for cellulosic biofuels and biochemicals.

Best wishes for 2013,

Carl Kukkonen, Chief Executive Officer VIASPACE Inc.



Note:  To receive a PDF version of his update with pictures, please send an email request to [email protected].